In conjunction with our work in other sectors such as shipping, we have accumulated vast experience in the Oil and Gas area by securing more than 500 oil and gas wells.

We work directly with the main suppliers and contractors of Pemex in the drilling, exploration, line laying, gas compression, platform rental and semi-submersible sectors.

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In the oil and gas industry, a “blowout” refers to the uncontrolled eruption of oil, gas, water, or drilling fluid from a well that is in the process of drilling. We insure against damage caused to third party property under civil liability insurance.

Well control

We also offer a special well control policy that provides coverage for the costs of achieving and keeping a blowout under control, as well as cleaning up the resulting contamination and damage to operator property.

Environmental responsibility

In the energy sector the damage caused to the environment by an accident can be extremely high. That is why we offer an environmental liability insurance that covers all damages caused to the environment during extraction works, as well as the cleaning of possible spills and environmental regeneration works.

Civil liability (Energy)

Civil liability insurance in the oil and energy sector is basic insurance that insures against any damage caused to property or health of third parties during operational activities.

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