We are part of the AMMIS group, a leading specialist in operations insurance in the energy, offshore and maritime sectors in Mexico. Working closely with AMMIS, we are experts in the regulations, laws and regulations of these sectors in Mexico and internationally; and we have privileged access to the best helmet, P&I, and freight markets. We have worked with the Mexican government and navy, as well as large multinationals in energy and maritime construction in Mexico, offering customized solutions for each client.

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P & I

Protection and Indemnity insurance (P&I) is liability insurance for virtually all risks associated with operating ships. With our P&I insurance your assets will be protected in any type of maritime operation.

Ship Hull

Complementing our P&I services, we provide insurance services especially against damage to ship hulls during all maritime operations, whether transport, ship, or landing.

Multimodal Transportation

Multimodal transport refers to the transport of goods under a single contract, but with the minimum use of two different means of transport. The carrier is responsible for the entire journey of the transport. At JG we insure all types of transport (see aviation and automobiles) to ensure that your goods and merchandise are kept safe wherever they are.

Docks and ports

We obtain insurance for both ships and transported goods, to protect them against damage caused when boarding and disembarking.

Environmental responsibility

We insure against damages caused to the environment in cases of shipwreck or other types of claims that harm the environment.

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